Like any person who likes to spend time in the kitchen, I love to read cookbooks.  I love reading food blogs and learning which books are THE ones to have now.  It probably started as a little kid, I used to sit in the kitchen and pour over cookbooks when my mom was making dinner.

There are a few problems with this little love of mine.  As I have alluded to in many of my posts, the world’s smallest kitchen doesn’t allow for shelves and shelves of inspiration.  The other is that is that it get’s pricey to buy them on whims all the time!  Instead I have started to enjoy the hidden treasures of used bookstores, finding other people’s cast offs at reduced prices.  Below are the books that I enjoy for their ideas, pictures, and information provided.

Add to these a combo of Mexican cookbooks from TB’s mom, old Company’s Coming my mom passed along to me, and a mountain of cooking magazines.

My cookbook wish list can be found here.  What are your favourites?


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