So Taster Boy wants to cook. He has wanted to learn for coming up at least two years. I haven’t been much help. I offered to get him cooking lessons, but they just never turned out. So, instead, here we find ourselves, two years (almost) later and an idea… what if once a week I “coach” him through a simple meal. Something he could adapt. Something to take for lunch etc. I will work on my obsessive compulsiveness to be in charge in the kitchen, and he can get a few recipes under his belt.

Every month I will post a new monthly guide… or that’s the plan any how. I will give him a copy. For each recipe, I will have a QR code that he can scan, and it will take him directly to the shopping list so he can access it online from his iPhone without having to bring the guide with him to the store. Begining to end, he will do it: shop, cook and clean… this is all about growing up isn’t it?  So goodbye (for now) Taster Boy, hello Cooking Guy.

– x0x0-

Taster Girl (formerly Bakergirl.)

October 2011 Mini Mag


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