Food Photography 101 ~ Part 3: The Resources
By Jackie Connelly
August 31st, 2009
Written as Guest Blog Post for Bakergirl Creations

At this point we’ve made our way through the creative and technical tips in Part 1 and 2, now it’s time for Part 3 – the resources. If you have any resources to add to my working list below, please leave a comment with a link to your resource…the more the merrier!

  1. 1. Magazines. In Part 1 there were some links to a few of my favorite glossy, drool-worthy food & beverage magazines. In my opinion spending time deconstructing food shots you think are killer forces you step outside your bubble, which can be a very good thing. Here’s my drool-worthy list:
    1. Bon Appétit
    2. Donna Hay Magazine
    3. Dish
    4. Food & Travel
    5. Food & Wine
    6. Gourmet Magazine
    7. Gourmet Traveller
    8. Sunset Magazine
    9. Waitrose Food Illustrated

  1. 2. Blogs. There are so many food, food photography, and food & prop styling blogs out there it’s unbelievable. My feed reader is jammed with so many, I only wish I had time to read them all every day. Therefore, this would be a ridiculously long post if I included even a small selection of them…so this is what I suggest you do to build your own list of blogs you love:
    1. Google ‘food blog’, ‘food photography blog’, ‘best food blog’, whatever exactly you’re looking for. Check the blogroll/links section of each of your favourites for even more. Caution: this can become addicting and an excellent way to procrastinate.
    2. Build a varied list of blogs, for all aspects of food photography include prop styling, cooking & recipes, food photography you love, and those tips & tricks kind of blogs.
    3. Last but not least, start commenting on your favourite blogs, and even start a blog of your own! Free sites like WordPress will have your set up and blogging in minutes.

  1. 3. Classes. Online or offline, continuing to perfect your craft, be it hobby or professional, is a total necessity (in my opinion). Here are some exciting workshops and classes coming up around the globe:
    1. Workshops @ Adorama (US based)
    2. Want to learn from professional food stylists and a food photographer in San Diego at the end of September? Check this out.
    3. Marilyn Tausend seems to hold this same workshop in March, at least I’ve seen it listed for ’08 and ’09, cross your fingers for ’10 – travel and food photography in Mexico for 5 days sounds heavenly.
    4. Including shooting models, but also some fun sounding food experiences Red Leaf seems to have space left for their September 15-17, 2009 workshop.
    5. The International Conference on Food Styling & Photography, at Boston University. I’ve read the reviews; it was amazing. I’m all over this one for 2011, sadly there was nothing I could do to get away from my business this year, and it’s only held every 2 years.
    6. Food Styling Workshop through the Culinary Entrepreneurship Program in Los Angeles.
    7. Food Fanatics have some great videos on food styling techniques; these ladies are awesome!

  1. 4. Books.
    1. For those of you that live in or visit Vancouver, I highly recommend dropping by Barbara Jo’s Books to Cooks if for nothing more than to continue the drool session from your glossy magazine perusal.
    2. Food Photography and Styling by John Carafoli is chock-a-block full of great tips.
    3. Food Styling for Photographers is a great book, giving tips from both the photo and styling side of things.
    4. Lou Manna has written Digital Food Photography which I own, and though I don’t shoot in the same visual style as he does, and therefore not a huge fan of the photos, there are some decent lessons to be found in it.
    5. Earlier I mentioned Selina Maitreya’s book How To Succeed in Commercial Photography if you’re on the road to becoming a commercial photographer, but I think it could apply even if you just want to develop a more holistic approach to your photography.

I welcome any questions, comments or otherwise, please feel free to email me at Good luck!