Lovely Jill over at Jillicious Discoveries was justly recognized with a “One Lovely Blog Award”.  Jill has her own dessert company, Jillicious Desserts.  I admire that.  She found her passion and has followed it.  Now if only all of us could a) figure out our passions and b) work up the courage to make the changes needed.  A quote directly from her blog is, “It has been a great day. I love what I do”.  How cool is that?  More thinking is certainly needed on this topic I think…

Anyhow, Jill has kindly passed along the award to 13 other bloggers, and I was one of them!  This is my first blog award and I am so grateful for the little nod, so thank you so much Jill.  And now it is my turn – to pass along or acknowledge 13 deserving bloggers.  If you haven’t already, I encourage you to check them out!

  • Annie Annie’s Eats (a young mom, doctor and all round amazing baker/cook extraordinaire – no matter how busy, she is one of the most interesting and consistent bloggers I read.)
  • Heather Diary of a Food Fanatic (on a little hiatus for the summer!) (Because we’ve fallen in love with her puppy and his antics and being willing to try just about anything in the kitchen)
  • Chuck and AngelaThe Knead For Bread (for a pretty spectacular collection of breads, ideas abound and I am endlessly jealous of their creations!)
  • Tlell A Life Inspired (for finding inspiration, gratitude and wisdom half a world away)
  • 28 Cooks (the first food blog I followed years ago…cool, healthy and vegaquarian options)
  • Jackie Jackie Connelly Food Blog (for amazing photography and showcasing opportunities in my wonderful hometown of Vancouver)
  • Nicisme Cherrapeno (for simple, tasty and beautiful meals)
  • Bakerella – (for lets face it, everyone loves her creations!)
  • Stephanie A Whisk and a Spoon (for packing up her kitchen and moving from New York to Sydney and chronicling her baking along the way with stunning photography!)
  • Julie Measuring Up (for inspiring with healthy and clean eating options (and of course being a great meeting partner))
  • Bake Or Break (for wonderfully stunning pictures and delightfully delectable desserts!)
  • Lindsay and Taylor Love and Olive Oil (for honouring the ingredients they use and respecting simplicity and love in cooking)
  • Tea” – Tea & Cookies (a fellow Canadian, and for introducing one my favourite features this spring  “Stalking Wonders

So, I thank of the above bloggers for their contributions, I enjoy reading each and everyone of their posts.  I look forward to seeing who they will put forward as their 13.