If you ask any Vancouverite about this winter, they will tell you that the weather has been a little odd to say the least.  We have had more snow than most can remember, colder temperatures,  and unpredictability at every turn…with bated breadth we awaited spring.   And with Friday , the first day of spring we got… thundershowers, hail, a wind storm, and..wait for it, yes…SUN!

Seeing the weekend’s forecast, calling for mostly sunshine and just a chance of showers on Sunday, we were excited to take on the garden!  Okay, maybe we weren’t excited, but I certainly was.  Fall was so busy for me at work and then going to Mexico for vacation that I didn’t clean out the garden, or plant any spring bulbs.  I had had grand plans of white tulips, but alas that didn’t happen.  So for the last few months I have been planning what to do with our community garden.

Last year was our first go at it. One of the challenges we faced was that our plot was on a hill.  This year we decided we were going to build raised beds, or terraces.  TB’s job was to figure out how it would work.    He opted for three beds, 2 – 7’x7′ and one 3′-6″‘x7’.  I love the finsihed result!  I am sure that the water won’t gush down to the bottom anymore, and I feel like there is even more space than last year’s.

Because I am a new gardener, everyone just says, “Try it..who knows”.  And with that I have been building my plan. Time lines, seeds, seedlings, bulbs…I am so glad to have resources at my fingertips online.  Sometimes however I fell that there are bits of pieces everywhere: online (mulitple sites), books, plant/bag labels etc.  I decided to compile all the resources into one, so that I could find the info I needed: the plants, both veggie and flowers,  when and how to sow, when to harvest etc.  And with that, no recipe in this post, but – here’s the garden plan.  This includes the plan for the community garden as well as the balcony.

Our Garden Plan:


*you can click on the picture above and it will take you to the file where you can download the .pdf if you want to*

Top Box:
Climbing Beans
Sweat Peas

Middle Box:
Green Onions

Lower Box:
Pak choi


Balcony/Container Gardening
Potatoes (in a bag of soil…ala Jamie Oliver’s Gardening at home)
Heirloom Tomatoes (thanks Tash!)

Sowed outdoors this weekend:

5 dahlias tubers, 5 asparagus root clumps, the rhubarb root clump (I have my doubts about this), and the green onions.

Sowed indoors this weekend:

spinach, leeks, lettuce, cucumbers, sweet peas and 4 types of heirloom tomato plants (golden dwarf, lucky leprechaun,dwarf champion improved, and lime green salad).