These were the cookie exchange cookies I made for my office.  The cookie monster would sing blissfully the cookie song if he got to enjoy these fresh from the oven! My friend Lana had posted in the comments that these cookies, featured in the New York Times in July were supposed to be the ultimate chocolate chip cookie…and they don’t disappoint!

The key to these are how delightfully moist they are, if baked absolutely perfectly. A smidge too long in the oven and they dry out. According to the recipe they should bake 18-20 minutes, however I found 15-18 worked better with my oven. The other wonderful aspect to these cookies is the combination of salty and sweet – absolutely melt in your mouth goodness!


The recipe can be found here, the only things I modified was that I didn’t have chocolate wafers, I just went with plane old chips and I used all purpose flour instead of the bread flour it called for.