So the mussels (below) were the appetizers as part of our seafood extravaganza. And the filo wrapped salmon was the entrée. It was quite possibly one of the fastest proteins I have ever prepared…with the goat cheese it was pretty rich. Tasty but rich. Next time I think I would cream together the goat cheese with a little bit of honey dijon or something like that to cut the richness just a bit. What I did love was how beautifully the filo turned out. I am always apprehensive to work with it, for fear of drying out or tearing, but then whenever I do, always a happy surprise!

(Lighting in the picture is horrible!)

2 coho salmon fillets – personalize size, de-boned and skinned
3 Tbsp crumbled herb goat cheese
1 lemon 5-10 thin garlic chives
2 Tbsp melted butter
2 sheets filo paper
salt and pepper


  1. Pre-heat oven to 400 F
  2. Lay one sheet of filo out. Cover the other with a damp cloth/paper towel to ensure that it doesn’t dry out.
  3. Brush top half of the sheet with melted butter.
  4. Flip bottom half of sheet up onto the top, brush with butter.
  5. Pat salmon dry, season with salt and pepper.
  6. Place de-boned and skinned fillet on with 3 inches from the end of the sheet.
  7. Top salmon with half of the crumbled cheese, 1/4 of the chives – chopped up into small pieces, and some juice from half of the lemon.
  8. Fold top, bottom and short side of the filo ont the salmon, and then fold the salmon along the long side of the filo.
  9. Brush outer filo with butter.
  10. Repeat for second fillet.
  11. Place packs on a cookie sheet and bake until golden brown – approximately 20 minutes.
  12. Garnish (if you would like to!) with the other half of the lemon and remaining chives

Best served with a fresh light garden salad!

Serves 2.